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  Andromeda Wild is being developed by Peter Ryan, lone developer, creator of the popular Half-Life Mod 'Morbid Inclination' and previously Lead Environment Artist on Consortium by Interdimensional Games Inc.

Built with Unreal Engine 4, you are the sole survivor of an interstellar shipwreck, crash landed on a harsh alien world somewhere in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy. You must use your wits to survive long enough to contact a nearby space colony and escape the planet.

Andromeda Wild is a "true" survival game. You have to learn to live off the land. You have to hunt for food. You have to gather various fruits and nuts, berries and mushrooms. You have to build shelter. There's going to be a wide array of resources that you can utilize to help you stay alive. You're trapped on an alien planet that has never before been seen by man. There's no architecture, there aren't any buildings of any kind. The only evidence of man are the escape pods that are randomly scattered around the environment that were used by other passengers of your Jumpship before it crashed. There are no sentient lifeforms. All of the aliens in this world are wild animals, most of which are as likely to try to eat you as you are them. 

 Key Features

  • Single Player - Randomized open world survival gameplay across multiple regions and several planets.
  • True Survival - You need to learn to live off the land. Craft weapons, hunt and gather food, build shelter.
  • Asymmetrical 2 player Co-op - Your friend controls your dog!
  • Constant day and night cycle - You can't fast forward time. Night time is really and truly dark! You have to survive the night.
  • Statistics Screen - Your every action is tracked through the Statistics screen and presented to you upon death. Learn from your mistakes without being told how to play the game or what exactly went wrong.
  • Context Sensitive Voice Over - Your hero understands the world around them and comments on things they see and things you do. Story is also told through Voice Over.

Andromeda Wild is now live on Kickstarter!

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